Quality learning through purposeful play in a safe and secure environment

Our Mission Statement
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Acknowledgment to Country

We are proud to acknowledge the Boon Wurrung Clan of the Kulin Nation as the first people of this land on which we live, love and play. We pay respect to all their elders and honour their culture, customs and values in our programs and practices.

Here at Eildon Road Childcare and Kindergarten we believe that childhood is a precious and unique time of life, to be enjoyed and valued in a place where children feel safe, secure and supported. A place to PLAY, where friendships are formed and fun is had. A place where they can truly be themselves, a place close to the heart …. A place very much like home.

At Eildon Road Childcare and Kindergarten , we are committed to providing a safe and secure environment. One that is respectful and where children feel valued, an inclusive environment, free of bias and gender equality. Our Goal is to create an atmosphere that all who entre feel welcomed a place of warmth, love, joy and laughter – a place where childhood is celebrated.

We believe every child is a unique individual and that children learn in different ways, they have different strengths and talents (and or personalities). As educators we have a firm belief that


If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn

Ignacio Estrada

Children and their learning

Let children be children, allow them to PLAY!
It is through their play that children can make sense of their world, develop and explore their own interests and ideas, develop curiosity, creativity and problem solving.
We are committed to a high quality educational learning journey that facilitates the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, moral and holistic development, demonstrating our appreciation and respect for the uniqueness and diversity of not only each child but that of each family.

Children are seen as enormously creative individuals capable of complex learning through self-directed play and together with educators lead the centres curriculum based on their curiosities of the world.

Our goal is to provide a learning environment that is warm nurturing, fun, interactive and stimulating. We will foster children’s development by motivating and inspiring them to be the best learners they can be, by respecting their individuality.

We believe that children learn through play and need a balance between open-ended materials and natural resources to promote intersections, spontaneity, risk taking, exploration, discovery and connections with nature.

Documentation is a means to show children and families that what they do here has meaning and value. We believe that children’s voices are fundamental to their own growth and development.

 Our centre supports and develops children’s skills through strength based learning opportunities combined with child lead and educator supported teachings.

Educators’ interactions with children will be positive, constructive, warm, nurturing and always encouraging. Educators will role model the behaviours they are teaching the children in their care.

Educators will acknowledge the uniqueness and potential of all and meet the needs of each child while respecting their individuality.

 Our program will be developed and implemented by the children’s interest with opportunities for the children to interact and connect with nature and the world around them.


We believe that families are a child is first and most influential teachers, we respect and acknowledge that families know their child better than anyone else. We value and support family’s expectations for their children. We support and welcome parent’s engagement and involvement in their children’s development and learning as well as within the community of our centre.  We believe in having a good strong relationship with all our families and view them as collaborators, resources and experts we can draw from. Families’ voices, lifestyle, culture and language will be included into our everyday practices and programs to ensure that not only the children have a feeling of belonging but that the families share that feeling as well.


We recognise that all children, their families and staff are part of a wider community. Value is placed on building connections within the community our families live in through regular incursion, excursions and celebrations.


Our staff are our most valued assets; we aim to provide a working environment that promotes respect and values their passion combined with knowledge, skills and dedication. We are committed to keeping our team inspired and up to date with the latest research, regulations, legislation and with teaching practices, supporting their professional development.


We recognise our responsibility to protect and preserve the environment and endeavour to foster in the children an ongoing commitment to care for the world in which they live.

Our educators will guide children in developing an appreciation for our environment through sustainable practices in our everyday routines. We will aim to achieve a sense of wonder, ignite their curiosity as we instil a sense of belonging to and a love of the land they live on, the nature that surrounds them and the animals around them, so they can develop a lifelong respectful relationship as well as build a positive and proactive attitude towards environment.