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Through play, children gain knowledge

"It's a dance, a dance between teacher and student and parent and child and parent and teacher and so on. Knowing when to respond and when to let go and let them find out on their own is a dance, a subtle communication of letting each other know what our needs are and how we can help each other."

Through the use of natural materials we aim to challenge the children's creativity, imagination and thinking. Our program is interest based. Children learn through open ended play which encourages them to become efficient problem solvers and decision makers and gives them fundamental tools and foundations for future learning. Our program is based on the Early Years Framework, the State Government Guidelines for the provision of childcare in Victoria.

Close interaction between staff, parents and children is the core of our program. Our aim is to create an ‘extended family' environment in which children feel loved and secure and form appropriate attachments which the most recent research confirms is critical to their individual development.

Children of different ages are grouped into rooms, allowing the younger children to learn from the older children, and encouraging responsibility in the older children. Children spend time in their own rooms, in our outdoor garden spaces, and at certain times all play together.

Parents and family members are always welcome and made to feel at home.

Staff will play a major role as observers and facilitators through an ongoing process of interactions, planning, observations, evaluation and reflection. Staff use positive learning and teaching methods, such as role modelling and reinforcement of appropriate behaviour.

Our program supports the diversity of cultures, religions and child rearing practices within our community and caters for the social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs of all children.