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At Eildon Road Children's Centre all Children participating in our programs will be treated equally, shown respect and encouraged to be worthwhile citizens of the world.


We believe in providing a secure, caring and flexible home like environment where all children will be respected, treated with dignity and where families' life style choices and parenting techniques are valued and used to develop programs in which children can express themselves freely. The individual needs of children will be met in a loving, supportive and positive manner by caregivers who are sensitive and understand that all children develop at their own pace and in their own way.

Families and the Community

Parental involvement is vital in all aspects of centre operation, from policy formation and centre management, to input into the children's program. We believe in an open exchange of information between families and staff. Information about each child is shared between staff and families through sharing the children's developmental records and daily achievements. We aim to foster a sense of community and belonging within the centre by developing partnerships with parents, staff and wider community agencies.


Our staff are our most valued asset. We aim to provide a working environment that respects staff, recognizes their abilities, and supports their professional development.

The environment

Eildon Road Children's Centre adopts and promotes environmentally friendly practices such as eco-friendly cleaning materials, composting, recycling and the use of natural and recycled materials in children's experiences.